Prisoner finds true freedom. Discover how God’s Word helps him?

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“Everybody knows that jail’s not exactly a positive or inspiring place to live in,” the prisoner said. He had lost his faith, but when he heard some songs playing in a Christian’s cell, it led to his fellow inmate introducing him to God and Christian radio.

Back in his room, the prisoner tuned his own radio, and was uplifted and inspired. “Ever since, I’ve found myself listening to Vision Radio on a daily basis. It just helped me to come back to God, and I’ve made that recommitment.”

“I can’t even imagine what my life would’ve been like now,” he said.  He says he would probably never have returned to God if he hadn’t found the station when he did…

“I just cannot tell listeners enough about how important Christian radio is to someone who is incarcerated. It really is such a life-changing experience.”