Discover what happened when this bullied mining worker started depending on God

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A Moranbah man was working with a mining crew who had all grown up together. This man’s unwillingness to partake in heavy drinking and pornography marked him as an outsider. This story shows how by depending on God, praying and obeying transformed his life.

The miner was bullied and harassed by his colleagues constantly and his co-workers would point out every mistake he made, and covered up for one another by blaming him. This went on for some time to the man’s despair.

One day in desperation he got on his knees before God, and begged to quit his job. But time and time again, God told him to stay put.

His job involved long periods of driving through the bush, this took him away from his fellow workers and gave him some breathing space.  He used his time on the road to listen to Christian radio. He said “it was a constant source of strength”.

Time went by and the man stayed obedient to God and never left his mining job.  To his surprise over time all the bullies at work moved on. Now he has a better mining crew to work with and is thankful that God kept reminding him to stay put on the job. The miner’s advice to others is to “keep up the good work,” he said. “You never know how it’s going to encourage people.”