Imagine being pursued by God! Discover how God transformed Peter’s life from that of pain and rejection to restoring lives in his community.

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At age nine he was put into an institution for running away from foster homes and became what is known as institutionalised.

Peter had been in and out of jail for many years, and reached a point where he was selling $40,000 worth of drugs a day.  After a heavy-handed police raid, Peter started to re-evaluate his life’s direction.  It was then that God revealed Himself in a very tangible way.  In one day, Peter heard God say “Peter, I want you to follow Me”, over and over.  Feeling troubled, and thinking that the voice was police surveillance, Peter jumped on his motorbike to try to escape it…until his brand new motorbike broke down.

Covered in tattoos and dripping with jewellery, Peter decided to hitch a ride back to town.  A young couple picked him up, and after a few minutes, the driver turned around and said “I feel like I’ve got to tell you something.  God’s telling me to tell you that He loves you, and He has a plan and a purpose for your life.” With that, Peter became emotional and asked to be dropped off to collect himself.  The next car picked him up, and the driver had the same message.  And so did a third driver in the next car!

Peter went to church the next morning, and went forward at the altar call.  Now, he’s the Founder and CEO of Shalom House in Western Australia, a live-in rehabilitation facility that is bringing restoration to the lives of men and families in the community.

What are you running away from?
Allow God to transform you.
Suggested reading:  John 8:32 and Psalm 46:10